About Our Suits

Fursuit Heads

Our FURSUIT HEADS are built on a base of high quality upholstery foam. Each foambase is hand-carved specific to the character’s animal species and to the facial expression requested by the client. Due to this, each fursuit head we create turns out perfectly unique! Once the foambase is finished, the inside of the head is then lined with a breathable, lycra fabric for comfort and durability for years of use. 
Our fursuit teeth are created using a sturdy yet plush neoprene fabric, and our fursuit tongues and noses are made using soft minky fabric. All of which are machine sewn to insure durability. 
We utilize hard colored plastic and waterproof, vinyl mesh for our fursuit eyes. Each set of fursuit eyes are hand-painted and then sealed to make the eyes as waterproof as possible.  Most of our client’s first remarks when wearing their suit for the first time is that the visibility is wonderful! This is due to the high-quality eye mesh and the techniques we use to make sure none of the mesh is clogged while painting. 
The fur for the entire head is completely hand-sewn together FIRST, including ears/cheekfluff/hairtuft, to make sure our seams are as strong as possible throughout the head and reduce the likeliness of ripped/popped seams. Then the fur is carefully placed onto the foambase and glued down using hot glue. 
After a good shave, the raw edges around the nose, mouth, and ears are hand-sewn using an invisible stitch. 

Fursuit Handpaws

Our FURSUIT HANDPAWS are created using a modified Kloofsuits pattern! Our handpaws and claws are entirely machine sewn for maximum durability. In addition, our handpaws are lined with neoprene fabric which makes the paw very easy to slide in and out of even after extended use. Each handpaw is finished off with a minky cuff along the wrist to discourage the fur backing from fraying. 

Fursuit Feetpaws

Our FURSUIT FEETPAWS are also entirely machine sewn! Both styles of our feetpaws (attached and stand-alone) have EVA foam soles, are lined with lycra fabric, then stuffed to hold their shape. They are then finished off with indoor feetpaw bottoms with sturdy vinyl pawpaws.  

Fursuit Tails

Our FURSUIT TAILS are stuffed then finished off with a foam base to rest against the wearer to keep the tail upright and bouncy while in use. Our tails are designed to have the wearer’s belt actually go through the tail base, instead of through belt loops like other fursuit tails. This method keeps the base of the tail snug against the wearer even while wagging or bouncing.