Care Guide

General Maintenance

Here are the most common and easiest ways to keep your fursuit looking great!

  • Always brush your suit before and after EVERY wear to prevent matting and keep the fur looking great. Pay special attention to high-friction areas! A Slicker Brush is essential.
  • You can absolutely use disinfecting fursuit sprays on and in the fursuit, but avoid contact with the fursuit eye mesh.
  • NEVER use chemicals made for hard surfaces or upholstery fabrics (Febreeze, Bleach, etc). This can cause harm to the wearer and to the fursuit over time.
  • We highly recommend wearing lycra under garments underneath fursuits, such as Underarmor Heat Gear. This will help the wearer stay cool and keep sweat/oils off the fursuit.
  • We also recommend wearing a lycra balaclava to help keep hair and face oils out of your fursuit head.
  • Try not to crush/squish your fursuit head for long periods of time (5hr+) while traveling. Some light pressure is fine! Give the foam of the fursuit head time to bounce back to its correct position after being squished.
  • Avoid storing your costume in non-climate controlled areas (ex. parked cars, attics, basements). High tempatures can loosen glued items and cause disfigurement in some foams. It is also encouraged to avoid direct sunlight when storing your fursuit.


Bodysuits, Handpaws, Tails, Feetpaws

We recommend washing our bodysuits by hand in a bathtub. Cold water only. We recommend using any detergent for synthetic fabrics. A little detergent goes a long way! 

Pull the bodysuit inside out and place it into the cold water/detergent mix. Handpaws do not have to be pulled inside out.  Firmly press and squeeze the fursuit part to work the detergent in. Be sure to rinse out the soap at least 3 times with cold water until there is absolutely NO soapy residue left. Be patient and take your time.
Pull the bodysuit right side out immediately after draining all the water out and allow the fursuit part to dry with as much airflow as possible. If your washing machine has a spin/drain ONLY setting, that can save a lot of drying time. If you choose this method, place handpaws and tail in a pillowcase before putting them into a spin-only cycle. Brush the fur FREQUENTLY (every hour) as it dries to ensure the fur fibers lay and dry in the correct position! Bodysuit/Handpaws/Tail must be completely dried out before being placed back into storage. 

Fursuit Heads

Do not machine wash your fursuit head.

We recommend only spot cleaning your fursuit head with a wet cloth and Folex OR using a Bissell Green Machine if a deeper clean is needed. Always avoid the fursuit eye mesh when cleaning. Never fully submerge your fursuit head into water. The thick foam on the head is very hard to completely dry out. After any type of cleaning, always be sure to rinse off all cleaning products. Allow the head to dry completely by placing it on top or near a fan for optimal airflow. Even though the fur in the face area may be short, it still should be brushed same as the rest of the fur, especially after cleaning!