Terms of Service

Important information to know before ordering!

Concept Art

In order to get every detail correct on a custom character and to minimize miscommunication between builder and client, a 2-view reference of the character is required. The more detailed a character’s reference is, the more accurate a custom quote will be. Inaccurate or Out-of-date references will not be accepted (ex. Submitting a reference showing black paws and adding a note that the paws should actually be white instead). Please make sure your character reference is updated before submitting!

Payment Methods

Commissions with a cost less than $450 USD are expected to be paid in full at the time the commission slot is claimed by the client and both parties agree on the final price. 30% of the full payment is non-refundable after full payment is recieved.

Payment plans are accepted only on commissions over $450 USD. If a client opts for a payment plan instead of paying in full, the total cost of the commission will be split into 3 equal payments due bi-weekly (every 2 weeks). Upon claiming the commission slot, clients must submit their first payment. No exceptions. 50% of each payment will be non-refundable after received.

Example Payment Plan:

$800 (Commission Cost) + $100 (Shipping Cost)= $900 (Total Commission Cost)

1st Payment (due upon claiming commission): $300

2nd Payment (due 2 weeks later): $300

3rd Payment (due 2 weeks after 2nd payment): $300

Freak of Nature Studios accepts payments through PAYPAL only.


Full Payment Cancellations: As stated previously, 30% of payments paid in full are non-refundable after payment is received. The amount of work completed on a commission at the time a cancellation request is received will affect how much of the remaining 70% will be refunded back to the client. The refund amount is soley at Freak of Nature Studios’ discretion.

Payment Plan Cancellations: As stated previously, 50% of each payment is non-refundable after payment is received. If a cancellation request is received between payments, 50% of each payment already made will be refunded to the client. The remaining outstanding payments will not have to be paid, but the client will unfortunately be blacklisted from any future Freak of Nature Studios commission openings.

Design Changes

Design changes can be made on the original quoted design up until the time supplies are ordered for the custom commission. Once supplies (fur, fleece, minky etc) are ordered for the character, any requested changes cannot be guaranteed. Due to this, please be completely satisfied with the design of your character before supplies are ordered. Any design changes made after the original quotes price is given can either decrease or increase the original quoted price.

Completion Estimates

Freak of Nature Studios will be happy to provide a rough estimate of when a commission might be completed, but these dates are never guaranteed. Freak of Nature Studios will not sacrifice quality in order to rush the completion date of a commission, but we are happy to keep in mind any future conventions you are hoping to attend! We will always try our best to meet a client’s preferred deadline.


A duct tape dummy (DTD) is only required for commissions which include a bodysuit. We base our custom fursuit heads off a series of measurements described in the diagram shown. We encourage our clients to take these measurements at least 3 times each to get a consistent measurment.


Shipping costs are not included in the quoted price of any fursuit commission. Shipping will be an additional charge which may vary based on where the client lives. Average shipping prices can range from $60-$150 USD within the United States. Freak of Nature Studios is not responsible for any lost or damaged product. NOTICE: Freak of Nature Studios is not responsible for international customs agency charges, fees, or hold times.

Freak of Nature Studios reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. The terms of service code is 6054.